LEAD @ ITK 2013

Interaktiivinen tekniikka koulutuksessa (ITK, Interactive Technology in Education, ITE) -conference is the largest conference in Finland related to information and communication technology in educational use, and this year takes place 10-12.4. in Hämeenlinna. LEAD participants are actively present in the conference, presenting their works:

Research workshop

  • How to design learning in the 21st century (Jukka Purma, Kiarii Ngua, Eva Durall & Teemu Leinonen)
  • Square1 hypothesis: Building computational and collaborative learning tools in school (Anna Keune & Teemu Leinonen)
  • Digital dashboard for visualizing learning progress and well-being (Eva Durall)
  • Presemo – a live participation tool (Kai Kuikkaniemi, Matti Nelimarkka, Jukka Reitmaa & Petri Lievonen)
  • Opettajayhteistyö ja opettajatiimit tieto- ja viestintäteknologian opetuskäytön tukena (Teemu Mikkonen & Antti Syvänen)
  • Verkko-opiskelu ja sen tutkiminen: tapaus MOOC.fi (Emilia Hjelm, Arto Vihavainen & Matti Nelimarkka)
  • Agile in educational domain: fast develoment cycles and evaluation of a software product (Matti Nelimarkka, Kai Kuikkaniemi)

Main conference

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