The tools and products that are under development in the LEAD project are presented here.

Square1 (also spelled “Square One”) is a collection of single-task dedicated learning devices designed for collaborative work at school. The collection consists of three devices: (1) one for writing, (2) one for drawing, and (3) one central computer device for online and offline search and assembling presentations out of the content created by students. (Learning Environments Research Group). Read more >>

feelerFeeler, is a tool for visualization of learning performance and well-being with the aim of fostering reflection and awareness. The project combines two currently promising areas such as Personal Informatics and Learning Analytics in order to encourage learners to reflect about their lifestyle and its impact on their learning capabilities. (Learning Environments Research Group). Read more >>

Presemo helps students and teacher to connect in the classroom. It enables what we call live participation: a performance which is enhanced using real-time computer-mediated communication. Presemo combines features from audience response systems and backchannels. (Digital Content Communities). Read more >>