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Eliademy,  A LEAD partner Aims at Democratizing Education CBTec, one of the LEAD (learning design-design for learning) board member and program contributor, recently launched Eliademy a free online classroom that supports educators and students, enabling them to create, share and … Continue reading

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Some thoughts on Interactive Whiteboards

This story highlights some of the thoughts we had while observing 2nd graders and their teacher using an interactive whiteboard while learning basic multiplication. As said, these are observations made from one single case, thoughts we had – not scientific … Continue reading

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Digital dashboard for visualizing learning progress and well-being

Data tracking is becoming a popular practice in very different domains ranging from sports to health, work productivity and learning, among others. The availability of personal informatics tools is allowing a growing number of users to have access to their … Continue reading

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Working together with Digital Lessons

This research project has three academic partners and bunch of companies developing their business. We have been asking is how can we combine the skills from academia and companies to increase the flow of information? I was the first one … Continue reading

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LEAD website is on

Hello, world. In this project two research groups from Aalto University and one research group from University of Tampere together with 11 companies work together to bring design thinking into learning design and to bring design expertise into developing of … Continue reading

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