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Modern Web for Education: Software development and Agility

This is the intial story on a series of posts that explain changes ongoing in the software industry and highlights changes in the domain of Web technologies. Future stories include mobility, browser related stuff and discussion on openness. However, before moving to technology domain, … Continue reading

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Some thoughts on Interactive Whiteboards

This story highlights some of the thoughts we had while observing 2nd graders and their teacher using an interactive whiteboard while learning basic multiplication. As said, these are observations made from one single case, thoughts we had – not scientific … Continue reading

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Having a working lunch at Hämeenlinna

People from Aalto Arts, HIIT and TRIM headed to Hämeenlinna to discuss the state of the research, while the more senior researchers together with the company representatives had a board meeting. Here’s a brief note on what we’ve been doing … Continue reading

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Working together with Digital Lessons

This research project has three academic partners and bunch of companies developing their business. We have been asking is how can we combine the skills from academia and companies to increase the flow of information? I was the first one … Continue reading

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