Eliademy.com by CBTec OY

Eliademy,  A LEAD partner Aims at Democratizing Education

CBTec, one of the LEAD (learning design-design for learning) board member and program contributor, recently launched Eliademy a free online classroom that supports educators and students, enabling them to create, share and manage courses. It is available for anybody to teach and learn any subject, for free. Eliademy’s mission is to democratize education with technology. In order to make this happen, “Eliademy is open for collaboration and new business opportunities. Join our efforts to export Finnish technology and education abroad”, commented Sotiris Makrygiannis, co-founder and CEO.

Eliademy disrupts online course management market with simple design and outstanding technical engineering making it accessible for any generation from digital natives to baby boomers.

Eliademy is a dynamic platform that can be used by universities and corporate organizations as virtual learning environment. Furthermore, it can also be used as a MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) platform where anyone can teach anyone online. It supports all basic learning system features such as course content, file attachments, tasks and forum discussion, but also goes beyond it. Simple to use grading system will help teacher have holistic overview of student’s progress. Also, shared calendar and reminders will help to optimize day-to-day activities.

CBTec is a company founded by ex-Nokia MeeGo team who previously delivered all open source Nokia phones such as N900 and N9.

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